Macro Lens

Macro Lens for iPhone 4 and iPhone4s

Macro lens for iphone

Macro lens for iphone

macro lens for iPhone 4gs and iPad2

macro lens for iPhone 4gs and iPad2

Wanna take a closer look? Are you fascinated with small subject up close? Don’t you wish you can photograph the face of an bug. A portrait of insect such as a smile from a beetle or a grin from a praying mantis. It just may be photograph of the year. enter them into Macworld’s macro photography photo contest

iPhone is awesome for macro photography.It’s compact sturdy and small, and it’s packed with amazing features. It does a very good job of shooting up close, but its not equip with a macro lens.

A macro lens allow you to take photograph at a rational of 1:1. It means to take pictures of small subject and bring it to actual size. It is not an enlargement of the real object, but an extreme close up of a small subject and bring it’s detail to a larger photograph or image.

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Introducing macro lens for iphone. Our patent pending smart magnetic design turn your iPhone to an instant macro lens camera. We featured the Japanese precision design and highest quality optical lens and aluminum casing for lens clarity and durability.

No Lens Macro Lens


Our macro lens for iphone is specially engineered for macro photography with iPhone 4GS. Our special magnetic attachment feature require no modification or ugly casings, which provide you an instant on and off capability unlike any other. That means you can instantly switch on or off of the lens depending on your need. You can photograph a spider from it’s web and instantly switch lens to get up and close on it’s face.  No time wasted for messy unscrewing or uncasing, and never miss that precious moment when the insect smile at you.

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If you have an iPhone, and are fascinated with small object or insect photography. Our macro lens for iphone is for you. Its a prefect gift for anyone who owns an iPhone or iPad 2.

Wide Angle Macro Lens specially designed and made for Apple iPhone, iTouch, and iPad 2 cameras.

Specifications (Marco):

– Wide Angle Lens = Wide Conversion Lens + Marco Lens
– Magnification: Super Macro
– Lens Construction: 1 element in 1 group
– The shot distance is between 10~23mm
– Dimensions(main body): 15.8mm (diameter) x 6.5mm (length)
– Dimensions (magnetic ring): 13.06 (outer), 9.38 (innner)
– Weight: 2g

macro lens for iphone

macro lens for iphone

macro lens for iphone4gs and ipad2

Please note that vignetting may occur.

Three lenses are available in this magnetic lens range. You have the option of buying a Wide Angel + Macro, a 2x Telephoto or a Fish Eye lens.

How It Works:

A flat metal ring is attached around the original lens if the case isn’t already made of metal, and then you simply snap a lens on to the back when needed.

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